Saturday, June 25, 2011

10 Jobs I should qualify for

So, I think that over 20 years of experience in my current profession (Super mom!!) should land me a super high paying job (Well higher paying then I make now). Once the little baers get off on their own I think I should qualify for the following positions. And here are my top ten jobs I think I should qualify for and why:
1. Doctor: I have diagnosed more ailments and treated them then most doctors I know. None of my kids can EVER have "the same" ailment. They must change it up and keep me diagnosing new ones daily. Researching and finding new treatments for the said disorder is also something I do daily.
2. Lawyer: Have you ever tried to figure out who was responsible for the SAID alledged broken lamp. You must have the skill and be prosecutor as well as the defense. You need to be able to PROVE who did it and why. Or have you ever tried to plead your case in an IEP meeting? Yea it's alot like a court room. But with people who are ALL against you.
3. Judge: Once my lawyer skills are used I must then be judge and enforce the punishment onto the convicted of the said broken vase.
4. CEO of a major corporation: running my home is like running a large company. Trying to schedule in everything, getting everyone doing their part, and getting things accomplished. As well as financial reports, human resource experience, and hard ball meetings with individuals from other companies to get what you want.
5. Executive Chef: This really doesn't need explaination. But planning and cooking 3 meals a day for 30 years.....yea that's alot of meals. Extra experience in the food cost and budget areas. As well as stocking and shopping.
6. Therapist: Being a therapist is also a daily job. Everyone needs something different in this area as well. I spend my days figuring out what's wrong with this or that one and how I can best get them feeling good about themselves and being a productive member of society.
7. Interior Designer: Annual room makeovers on a shoe string budget. Working with difficult clients who change their minds over dinner and trying to keep them all happy in their surroundings.
8. Proffesional Baker/Cake Decorator: cupcakes for class and play group, birthday cakes for parties, and weekly treats for home. I have designed cow cakes, and princess castle cakes. And hundreds of other "fun" things.
9. Law Enforcement: HA....this should be self explainatory as well. But it's also a daily job here. Breaking up fights, keeping the peace, getting people to follow the law, arresting and punishing those who don't.
10. Teacher: This is a non stop job I do daily as well. Daily instruction, lesson plans and arts and crafts. I don't get summers off either. So I'm well prepared for this job.

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  1. I also qualify for all 10 positions... we should go into business together and take on ALL TEN!!!