Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not my kid! Nope...I will be a good mother

Thought I'd share a little story for all you moms, moms to be, and people in general. It goes a little something like this:

My kid will never act that way *shaking my head* I will be a good mother, and teach them right. My children will listen and have manners. THAT mother *pointing my finger* needs to be a better parent.

So, the story may go a little different, but the theory is always the same. I thought the same way. I mean really? Who thinks this..... 

You see this handsome boy Brother Baer? Well, he would never have the substitute van driver drive around our block 3 times today and end up calling me because he's telling her he doesn't live here and her paperwork says he does! ( not my kid!)

And my daughter, Baby Baer would never climb into her kitchen sink, nor would she take her diaper off under her nightgown while I'm wasting time on facebook cleaning the kitchen and pee in the sink and proceed to "splash in it". Nope...not my kid. I'll be a better mother for one, and my kids will act better then that for two.  

Nor will she climb on things, mover furniture and that shelf in the other picture above....I certainly will not move it from the living room so that she stops climbing it. I will just "watch her better" and not change my house for her. I will make her listen. 

My pretty girl will wear bows in her hair.

Or not. (But it will be my choice...not hers...because who's the mother anyways?)

And this beautiful boy, Little Baer would never take his diaper off and pee out of the crib, or on the floor, and he won't push his sister or try to hammer her. And Baby Baer will never strip her diaper off a million times a day either. I'll be sure to be a better mom then that. 

They won't get things like Nutella on their bread, simply to get them to eat the bread. *shaking my head* what kind of mother does that? A lazy mom, that's who.

I'll insist they eat their fruit too....not just Nutella smothered bread. See that wasted banana? My kid will eat it. 

My kids will be perfectly mannered and I will be the perfect mother. Whose kids who act that way?.....Their moms just need to be better parents. 

So,  Let's face it, There are lots of things I swore my kids wouldn't do. And I am pretty certain that everything I have sworn wouldn't happen, has. Or will in the near future. Probably while I'm wasting time blogging. :)

So....Mr. snotty, too good for you, judgmental man in line at the mall the other day looking down your nose at me and my children. Let me explain something to you....they were laughing and giggling! Who cares they were wrestling and pouncing on each other like wild apes....they were laughing, there was no blood, so relax dude!

And I hope you have kids that act just like mine!

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