Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Stress Free Day

Spending the day away is so  refreshing! It always cures the blues and washes the stress away. (OK...who am I kidding...we have kids, it is  loud and crazy and we run in a million directions...but heart warming all the same!) We spent yesterday as a family....All together for the day. We took our annual trip to Linn Run State park. It's so beautiful there! Here are the highlights (IE: my excuse to show off the kids some more)

Could this kid get any cuter? Seriously Love her. He facial expressions are so adorable!

And this kid...could he get any sweeter? I love his hugs and kisses. And I love that he is now reaching up to give hugs and kisses to me!

My brave explorer.....off to explore the "ruins" in the forest. 

This smile...melts my heart. the belly laughs...LOVE THEM! 

Another tender moment caught on film. loving his daddy and fighting his sister for the "love"

Oh that look....She knew she was in trouble for setting in the water for the millionth time AFTER her clothes were changed. LOL The look of shame is evident. 

Picnicking with the family!

My big babies! Aren't they so beautiful. :) The first year we came to Linn Run Brother Baer was only 2. We have come every year for the past 6 years. It's a tradition now. 

Throwing rocks into the water. 

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