Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Ketchup


I have been gone from the world of blogger for a month now! YIKES! Who knew it has been that long. Certainly not me. And probably not you. :) I mean....we aren't really that exciting. so I decided to just do one big post in pictures to summarize our life this month. It's been super busy! I can tell you that. So here's the "ketchup"

In the past 30 days we:

Had a huge egg hunt and celebrated Easter in WV!

Over 900 eggs were hid and found (mostly)

Played in the yard and enjoyed spinning with Sissy!

Mama Baer and Papa Baer flew to Dallas (Thankfully not the whole trip on the little prop plane!) for Mended Little Hearts Leadership Training

Had a great week in Dallas! 

Made some kickin' Buffalo Chicken Pizza!

Had a flood in the yard (and basement!)


Spent the day at the Zoo with friends!

Spent the day at Idlewild Park! (Loving the Ball pit!)

Giddy up Cowboy!

 Riding the horse! 

We finger painted!

We wrestled!

And we worked on trying to save a little boy!

We also threw in 3 specialists this past month. Will's ADOS testing was completed. Trenton saw Cranio Facial and Cardiology. Oh and I also am finished up my English Comp class and am happy to report straight A's!!

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