Monday, November 14, 2011

Problems Galore

My First World Problems
In honor of my super favorite people *I like to stalk* in the whole world, Kate and Lydia, over at (Did I tell you I love them?) I have been reflecting on my life today and how awful my first world problems are. So I figured I'd take the chance to get them off my chest today.
My First World Problems which make my life seem awful:
My Children have to many toys. they are everywhere. I have no room to put them all.
My Children have to many clothes. There aren't enough closets and drawer space to keep them all.
My Washer and Dryer are downstairs in the basement. Requiring me to walk down the steps everytime I need to change a load. And then up two flights to put them away.
My Crockpot broke so now I'm forced to cook the food on the stove and in the oven.
Brother Baer wants to play his Wii all the time and stops me from watching afternoon shows except for on my little tv in the kitchen.
I got a new touch screen smart phone and it was so stupid I had to change back to an older and dumber version.
Facebook and Pintrest go down just when I feel like wasting time
When I shop online I have to spend OVER a certain amount to get free shipping.
My 8 Passenger SUV is a gas hog but it's so spacious. I can't give it up.
The Portable DVD players in the SUV are attached to the seats by velcro and it gets stuck in my hair. And that hurts. Also....the boys can grab them and rip them off the seats. Causing more pain when it grabs my hair
My GPS doesn't always know the right way to go and makes me have to turn around. (Sometimes illegally) or I get lost. Which isn't fun
I crave Mocha Frappe's everyday but getting them would require me to pack up the kids and take them to McDonalds and therefore have to buy them happy meals and it's too much trouble. (And not good for them anyways) So I don't get them very often. (Like once a week...seriously?)
My Wifi doesn't like to work on the porch....So it's slow when I set out there.
My phone service doesn't always send texts right away....So I don't get my texts for minutes to hours later....WTH?
All the shows I like to watch are on past my bedtime
My 3 children are so healthy they run around and make me crazy
I have to go to a beer distributor to get beer in this stupid state. Not just the 7-11
Facebook games are too slow and make me mad so I can't play them anymore
I'm sure I have a TON more. But that's enough for now. *phew* life is really awful isn't it?
What makes your First World Problem list?

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