Sunday, March 3, 2013

Differently Normal

We went away this weekend to Splash Lagoon (An indoor water park) and I was nervous going. My kids require a high amount of accommodation (mostly on my part) to make things go smoothly. The weekend went great and something else came out of it that I was not expecting and was so happy to see. 

While I tend to "not care" how people think or feel about us, there is a small little part of me that wants that acceptance. So, when I see things that are special, people who go above and beyond it makes me happy and totally overshadows any of the negative we experience.

First let me say that being a special needs mother is tough....I want us to be "normal" but I want to be accommodated. It's hard to draw the line between being accepted as normal versus being allowed special things to make your little ones able to do the things that all other kids do. It's like you can't have it both ways. But this weekend I'm so happy to say I saw some really good people making our life "differently normal". 

Here's some examples and Thank yous:

Thank you to the lady who was listening to her IPOD for taking the time to take off the ear buds and talk to Little Baer. He wanted to talk to you and didn't understand that you were quietly relaxing. And thank you for talking back to him like you understood his babble, and showing him pictures and being interested in him (Different). And thank you for politely telling him no....he couldn't eat your fries (normal). ;) 

Thank you to the mom who chatted while our boys played together. Asking me Little Baer's name and telling me your sons name was Trent! And for sharing that Trent was 3 too! (Normal) And thank you for explaining to your 3 year old that Little Baer needed a little extra time on the steps to the slide, so to be patient with him! (Different)

Thank you to the mom who stopped me to say that Little Baer was a beautiful little boy and she had been watching him play (not creepin....I hope) and how amazing he was! (Differently normal?) It was so very sweet for you to recognize him and how beautiful and amazing he is. Thank you for taking the time to tell me. 

Thank you to the Heart mom (We are everywhere!) who explained to her little girl (A heart warrior) that Little Baer was touching her because he liked her and couldn't tell her. And for pointing out they shared a zipper scar! Thank you for making Little Baer feel normal while showing your daughter that it's ok to be different. 

All of these moms made a difference in our life this weekend. For treating us "differently normal" and for teaching their kids how to be the same. Us special needs moms appreciate the kindness. 

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